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INTERIOR...bright, functional haven!

I don't want the interior to come off as an afterthought or just another "standard build". The interior should be a 4S Solution: simple, smart, sustainable and personally satisfying. And I will be the one at fault if it isn't. Here are some early interior views. inviting entryway!

Overcoaster Interior front cabinets

I really love the unifying White Birch of the side walls and the cabinetry. I designed in a skinny sideboard at the front. I will showcase my Japanese Tenkara, reel-less fly rods above it. I have carried over the rounded door design and hardware for the front cabinets.


There is a one inch lip so things don't slide off; like bamboo baskets for odds and ends.

Interior front cabinets in progress

...a cozy sleep system!

Seadrop sleep system

Further, since the sleep combo doesn't take up the full interior length I opted for  a richer tone birch to achieve a subtle shade difference for the ceiling and front aerodynamic shape. All the wood surfaces will have the same finish.


My decision to go with a 36"W by 72"L Japanese Tatami Mat and Shikifuton combo as my sleep system has been pivotal. The floor of the SeaStar is 58.5"W and 79.5"L which means I have 22.5" by 79.5 available at all times as my off-weather studio area. And of course the Japanese sleeping system tri-folds out of the way as well. rainy-day blog station!

Seadrop studio with tatami chair

I realize I don't quite have the proportions right, but there will be ample room for a 21 inch wide Tatami chair and an adjustable bamboo table. My WIFI booster will be centered here


I have opted for a dark grey plank, grounded look, for the floor covering since there is a lot of the floor showing.


My bedding colors and motif will bring it all together. I will use insulated, roll-down, black-out blinds for the door and side windows and will add them to the design once I find ones I like.

I am eager to see it all finished.

Copyright and Design Copyright: Douglas Squarek, all rights reserved, OVERCOASTER, ARROCAT, SEAMARAN, SEASTAR, CHALEX-SPA, and are Trade Marks of Douglas Squarek.

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