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SEASTAR...a star by the sea!

There were so many decision to make with regards to which type of trailer would best fit my my expedition needs. I am infinitely pleased I chose an ultra-light teardrop trailer. With the modifications I have made she has take on a life of her own. I will call her SEASTAR!

 Decisions on hitch type, tire size, bike rack, additional aluminum checker plate, awning position, and solar have individualized the look of the unit. Exterior color is more of a statement than a preference.

With one eye constantly on the budget, I have made several functional modifications and additions; including electric brakes. 

SeaStar Rig
Seadrop build features

The features in black/grey were standard, the features in red are the additions or modifications that I requested to the standard build.

Copyright and Design Copyright: Douglas Squarek, all rights reserved, OVERCOASTER, ARROCAT, SEAMARAN, SEASTAR, CHALEX-SPA, and are Trade Marks of Douglas Squarek.

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