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Shake It Babe! ...shakedown #1(July1st to July 11th)

I have set up in a trailer park, Coop Camping Saint-Esprit, 20 minutes from Quebec City to complete my initial shake down...nice people! I will be here for 10 days (with electricity). I have practiced leveling the trailer, blocking it, and setting up the adjoining PahaQue screen kitchen. I had torrential rain the second day here and had no water intrusion; either in the trailer or the screen tent.

I am practicing my moves get in and out of the trailer and move around inside. It is a bit acrobatic. It can get humid inside the trailer but the little UCO candle lantern solves that and creates a cozy atmosphere. I am working on what to keep inside the trailer, inside the screen tent, or inside the car. I am also working on how to arrange each area so that I am not constantly searching for things. The little open storage boxes and baskets I bought at Ikea are helping.

It is definitely easier to dress and undress in the PahaQue. My DOCK is the perfect set up for my morning coffee in the screen tent. It is the first time I use the minimalist Jet Boil stoves. I have one for coffee and one for quick meals. They are marvelous. They boil fast though and I almost boiled over my soup. I use "Slack-Back" in my head to remember which way to turn the the valve to reduce the flame quickly. I bought the MEC Base Camp, straight-back chair for sitting and eating in the PahaQue.

I set up my office inside the trailer with a Nemo Moonlight Chair and a $37 lap size computer desk I bought at Wal Mart. It's called the Desk-Mate. I have used the Chair desk combo for three days now and they are the prefect combo for the hours I will be spending in Sea Star on rainy days.


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