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Updated: Mar 1

I had been looking at a stand-alone screen shelter until I did a random web search for a teardrop side tent. Up came this compact 7' by 5' model from Paha Que.

The three most often mentioned cons of teardrop trailers, from those who have spent considerable time in them, is that you can't stand up to dress in the trailer, its miserable to have to cook outside when the weather is uncooperative, and there is no where to "do your business" in private. The side tent solves all of those problems.

I will prepare my clothes the night before. In the morning I will open the door into a sheltered space, swing my legs out of the trailer and stand up to get dressed; rain or or shine, bugs or no bugs. For those miserable days, I will keep a small Jet Boil in the shelter to boil water for coffee and dehydrated meals, and keep the Boxio composting toilette just outside the back of the shelter for if and when I need it.

Another great advantage for me, since I will often be out beachcombing or paddling, is that with the side curtains down, I will be able to place my chairs, table, DOCK, and fire pit inside and out of sight.

Solutions 4S, Si:7 Sm:9 Su:2.5 Sa: expectation of 8  ...actual not yet known!

This is what the Phahaque should look like on SeaDrop
Rain and bug free.

This is what I expect it to look like on SeaDrop. Dale has graciously aggreged to slide the awning back and reposition the door light to over the window. The side tent is exactly the type of high demand outdoor product you have to buy before they run out of stock, so, I purchased mine early. The shelter has no-see-um mesh, a rain fly, and can be opened up when the weather permits.

Got It!

The package was much smaller than I expected, DHL was the carrier and they not only notified me prior to delivery but telephoned me from down stairs, ...I am not listed in the entrance directory. Nice! I will leave it packaged for now since I have a lot on the go!


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