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Updated: May 29

I am in the process of assembling the coastal-camping kit I need to achieve my Maritime Loop Overcoaster expedition goals. I could use the term Overlanding, which is a relatively new term in outdoor exploration, to describe the transportation side of the expedition.

A serene Nova Scotia bay.
West Chezzetcook

Here is how Wikipedia defines it…

"Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road-capable transport where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and spanning international boundaries."

However, since my long-distance, off-road trek is along the coast I use the term Overcoaster rather than Overlander. I will cross provincial boundaries on the way to remote locations where little prior exploration has occurred. Since my journey will take six weeks, self-reliance is critical. I don't intend crawl over massive boulders, forge streams, or blast my way through mud flats. I need my Mini Paceman Overcoaster to handle rough gravel, hard-pack, poorly-maintained beach access roads, and be off-road capable enough to set up camp in more secluded areas. It would be considered "soft roading" by seasoned overlanders and requires a vehicle ground clearance of between 6 and 8 inches. The 2014 Paceman's clearance is rated at 5.7 inches with the run-flat skinny tires. I will add full size all-terrain tires, which will add at least an additional 1.5 "of clearance. 7.2" of clearance is enough for where I want to go, and, I have my beach bike and the paddle board to take me further.

The Mini Paceman Seadrop Overcoaster
Mini Päceman Seadrop

I want to be out there, in nature, to camp, to explore, to paddle, to beachcomb, and to significantly expand my microcrystalline beach stone collection. I am on a meaningful quest; a search for something greater than myself. In accordance I have titled the site PADDLE XPLORE DISCOVER - OVERCOASTER

I already own a spunky, metallic blue SUV; a 2014, All4, Mini Paceman S, which I will rough-roadify with rugged Hankook all-terrain tires (I needed new tires for this summer anyway), and a quality Max Coupler trailer hitch. I have decided to take my 12'6" LEVEL SIX Ultra light to serve as my paddle craft. Rather than a factory board rack I have opted for the multipurpose Thule Canyon with lockable tiedowns.

That's the left side of the hitch!

For the right side I have purchased an ultra lights tear drop tailor, Rather than use a full width mattress, directly on the floor, which can cause condensation I will us a Shikifuton/tatami mat as a healthful combo, I slept on a 35 inch wide futon several years back and it was great...really grounded. This summer I purchased a Rad Expand 5, fat-tire, electric bike which works marvelously on beach trails and on the sand. I will install it at the front of the trailer instead of having it bouncing around at the back.

I will also carry a four sided screen shelter. They provides solid protection from heavy rain, and the little bity beasts at longer camp stays. I have purchased the PAHA QUE side tent which attaches directly to the side of the trailer.

Mostly all of my other camping gear is either older tech or a bit on the worn side, so, I am in for a total refit for this trip. The next few months will be a busy time.


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