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Kitchen Centered!

Updated: Jan 11

I had done an extensive search of the internet looking for a kitchen center that would allow me to look over the ocean while I cook. You know ...when you are at home it's so nice to have a large kitchen window that lets you look out on your world as you create something inspiring; it helps you chef-it-up. Nothing! Just a bunch of cheap, wobbly looking, foldy things.

Then ...there it was! Someone had taken one of the Zarges aluminum boxes I love and magically recrafted it into a sumptuous Dutch Outdoor Camp Kitchen; the DOCK. A Dutch friend of mine would sometimes quip... If it ain't Dutch it ain't much. Well in this "case" she has a point.

No, I haven't seen it in the aluminum but I can tell you that Hans, who hand crafts these wonders in his shop, was a delight to work with, and sent it my way in a flash. It was a bit of a premium purchase. I will have to cut on the booze, which will be difficult since I am already into non-alcohol beer. I expect to receive it sometime next week. I'll keep you posted.

Now I can work on what I want to go inside.


I received the DOCK within a totally reasonable delay, given that it was shipped from the NEATHERLANDS. It was sturdily boxed and came in without a scratch. It's everything I expected and more. I like the new latch on the fold out door that Hans has just engineered in and the cutlery draw action is a work of art. Now I can take my time purchasing my pots, pans, tableware, and stove, so they fit snuggly inside.

Solutions 4S, Si:9 Sm:10 Su:8 Sa: expectation is a 9 ...actual not yet known!

I can't wait to see how it performs in the field.


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