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OVERCOASTING...Xploring the coasts of the Maritimes...and Maritime                                             Quebec!

Overcoasting is a state of bliss for me; the incredible seascapes, the smell of the sea, the openness, the ferries, and beachcombing for elusive stone treasure. After a day of beachcombing it will be wonderful to hang out through the sunset and into a fire-pit evening, and a final glimpse of a starry night before tuning in. And then there is the welcome smell of a morning coffee and the sunrise across the water to announces a new day. Of course there will be rain and wind and cloudy days but they are necessary too; to visit museums, catch up on correspondence, and write in my Blog

A maritime island ferry

One of the fun parts of Overcoasting is the frequent ferry rides. The Norlantic loop has seven; from one hour duration to 3 days. It takes a bit of scheduling and I try to be at the dock early...especially in peak season.

A back roads mapbook
Helpful Overcoaster Apps.

On the Road: Google Earth, BRMB

Google Earth: Using google earth gives a broader Ariel view to identify beach approach roads as well as hiking and walking trails. I spend hours on it.

BRMB: Of course, there are the venerable Backroad Map Books that I just couldn't do without.

The Windy App

And, on the Water: Marine charts, Tide Charts, Windy

Marine Charts: I use a marine chart to identify areas that have a wide coastal band of 3 to 4 foot depths were I can see the stones on the bottom from standing height on the paddleboard.

Tide Charts: I have the area Tide Chart open on my I phone at all times.

Windy: This is an excellent resource for getting a long term picture of wide ranging environmental conditions.

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