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MANAN R1...a remote island amidst the highest tides in the world!

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Art Feature: Puffin Power

From time to time I will feature one of my digital works which are produced as Dye Sublimation on Aluminum.


Grand Manan is a paradise for bird-watchers. Puffins and Arctic terns, marsh-dwelling cranes and heron, magnificent eagles and peregrine falcons -- the island boasts hundreds of species.

Puffin with background
R1Manan Map

What a great sector to start things off. The European charm of Quebec city, charming seaside villages, a dream off-grid island with beaches to please my inner beachcomber/paddler, whale watching, and two great ferry rides.  867 km, 10hrs. 30 min. of driving, 5 hrs. and 15 min. of ferry time.


911, EMO-1-800-561-4034

The itinerary for the Grand Manan route.

Overcoaster Tip:

When paddling in unknown waters it is good practice to contact the local paddle-tour group ...who know the tides, currents, and coastal anomalies. 

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