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Overcoaster Title

MARITIME inspiring overcoaster, beachcombing expedition.

A digital representation of a Raven.

The SeaDrop build is scheduled for March April and I expect the shiny new trailer to  arrive in Quebec City from British Columbia in mid-May. I have decided to give myself a couple of months (June and July) of long weekend trips north and north east of Quebec city and focus my expedition to a six week Maritime Loop that will take from August to mid-September to complete. I plan to be back in the Quebec City area, summarizing the trip and studying my microcrystalline finds, by late-September. 

Maritime Loop Map

Regions: I have divided the expedition into the 5 regions above.

Progressively, as I plan the trip and then visit each region, I will create a write-up which will include key travel information, findings, experiences, tips and photographs. Once there is a significant amount of planning information in the region the button will become active(red)

Xplore: The Overcoaster Expedition

I will divide the expedition into five key regions. I will set off into the southern-most region. My first stop will be Saint Andrew by the Sea , New Brunswick (R1 on the map). It will be wonderful to overnight in SeaDrop and then spend a relaxing day in this charming sea-side village, however, I will be eager to take the ferry over to Grand Manan Island from Blacks Harbor to set up my first Maritime Loop camp. 

The Saint Andrews harbor

I expect the MARITME OVERCOASTER LOOP to be a wondrous coastal-camping experience. It will satisfy my penchant for being one-with-nature as I immerse myself in the untamed coastal wilderness of Atlantic Canada. The raw beauty and vibrant animal life will inspire me as an artist―while the remote shoreline and endless beaches will provide ample opportunity for me to enjoy our invaluable natural heritage.

Copyright and Design Copyright: Douglas Squarek, all rights reserved, PADDLE XPLORE DISCOVER, PXD Overcoaster, OVERCOASTER, SEADROP, CANLANTIC, and ePADDLEMARAN are Trade Marks of Douglas Squarek.

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