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ESSENCE...Venture Xplore Discover

An Overcoaster is one who undertakes self-reliant adventure travel, in remote coastal regions and islands, via off-highway-capable, off-grid-camping-enhanced vehicle ensembles, seaworthy hybrid-powered personal watercraft, and commercial ferries. The objective is total immersion in remote coastal environments. Overcoaster adventures can last for weeks, months to years, span multiple coasts, and often cross international boundaries.

My 1994 Overcaoster Kit!

My 1994 Overcoaster kit!


Venturing-out is the getting then xplore and discover!


Work is progressing slowly on my own personal watercraft design, the ArroCat. Over the last several months I have made further design modification and filed new patents that bolster it's Overcoasting  credentials.

Level Six Douglas

For this year's Maritime Overcoaster adventure I will paddle my 22.5 lb. Level Six Ultra light, 12' 6". It will be an easy carry to and from the beach and racking it on my Mini Paceman will be a snap,


In the fall of 2023, as I learned more about overlanding, I started to realize that my foray into using a catamaran as my primary exploration vehicle was distancing me from the type of outdoor life I know and cherish. When completed, the capable Overcoaster ePaddlemaran will be all the "catamaran" I need.

Paceman SeaDrop_

My 2024 Overcoaster kit!

I evaluated several rugged, light-weight chase trailers, under 1000 lbs. that could be towed easily by my six-speed Mini Paceman S, All4. The Paceman is a capable SUV and a dream to drive.


I purchased the Squaredrop model by Northern Teardrop Trailers, located in British Columbia. My build will be in March/April and shipped to QC in May.

With a 45 inch interior height and side windows the interior will be a welcoming space on rainy days to review my specimen finds and to work on my blog. Since I cook and prepare meals away from the trailer (I don't eat where I sleep!) I will use the teardrop "galley" area at the back as a electronics, drone, fishing tackle, and specimen workshop.


Squaredrop: Solutions 4S, Si:9 Sm:10 Su:7.5 Sa: expectation of 9  Of the many iterations of off-roading, the SUV/Squaredrop Trailer combo is perhaps the most efficient, affordable, and camping-oriented.


I have spent many years collecting microcrystalline quartz beach stone such as Agate and Jasper. A few years ago I realized that most of my microcrystalline beach stone collection was neither Agate or Calcedony. After considerable research I have come to understand what these stones actually are and I will use this expedition to find more.

A pebble strewn beach.

I have pinpointed a number of glacial-till beaches and coastal, glacial-till-terrain sites where I believe I will find the specimens I am searching for. There were five different glacial periods affecting the regions within the Maritime Overcoaster Loop with the LCI or the Last Ice Age being the most significant. My six weeks in the Loop will give me ample time to finetune my beachcombing approach and perfect my specimen identification, collecting, and documenting skills

I often use the term beachcombing, which may seam a bit casual for a "research" expedition, however, the term serves to emphasize that I don't do any digging, or disturb the beach in any way, I am a no-trace explorer. My approach is to cover a lot of ground and let the wind and the waves, and ever-more-frequent hurricanes, do the heavy lifting.   

Copyright and Design Copyright: Douglas Squarek, all rights reserved, PADDLE XPLORE DISCOVER, PXD Overcoaster, OVERCOASTER,CANLANTIC, SEADROP, and ePADDLEMARAN are Trade Marks of Douglas Squarek.

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