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Douglas Squarek...beachcomber, outdoor-products specialist, paddler,                             and artist!


I am an avid coastal explorer. I love traveling Canada's Atlantic coastSince my earliest holiday trips to our Maritime Provinces I have  collected microcrystalline-quarts beach stone; my collection has grown and grown and currently stands at several thousand pieces. 

A secion of Beach stone finds.
Cut and polished Microcrystaline Quartz.

Outdoor-Products Specialist: 

A river an mountain view in the Kananaskis

I spent my childhood and teen years camping in Kananaskis country in the Canadian Rockies, where my Dad taught me, by example, how to set up a proper camp site, fly fish, and survive in the wilderness. Since retiring I have been an in-store advisor for paddling, hiking, and camping; at Ocean River Sports-Victoria BC, MEC-Langley BC, MEC Quebec-City, and LACORDEE in Quebec City.

Douglas with the Latulippe vest.

I just got my new Latulippe vest since I am now advising clients at their Quebec City Store. You can find me on the second floor in the Nautical department, 

Please note that the views expressed in my blog are the personal views of a RSSTS; a retired single senior traveling solo. 

For example, a family may have to buy four to six camp chairs for the same adventure and may need to be frugal, and a couple at least two chairs, while I only need one, so, I am able to buy the chair that suits my purpose, even though it may be more expensive. If you want to come over and visit me at my camp ...BYOC.  

My overall objective is to enjoy my time in the outdoors! In the posts I'll let you know which products where worthwhile and contributed to my enjoyment. I will just switch out those that are not; with little or no adue. As my oh-so-very-British mother used to say, "If you don't have something constructive to say ...don't say anything at all."

Douglas in a Harry Tieken, Sealution kayak in the 90s.


I have been paddling for over 30 years. The Saint Laurence River and the Canadian Maritime Coast have been my primary paddle grounds; from the Lake of Two Mountains off Montreal, to Tadoussac, to P.E.I, and Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia.

Copyright and Design Copyright: Douglas Squarek, all rights reserved, PADDLE XPLORE DISCOVER, PXD Overcoaster, OVERCOASTER,CANLANTIC, SEADROP, and ePADDLEMARAN are Trade Marks of Douglas Squarek.

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