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Overcoaster Title explorer's mountain chalet!

Chalex-Spa on the mountain side.

Everyone keeps asking me where I will keep SeaDrop and where I will live when not out beachcombing. The short term answer is that SeaDrop will be in storage while I live in my apartment in Quebec City. The longer term,12 to 18 months answer is,,,

The CHALEX-SPA Concept

CHALEX-SPA...a minimalist, 800 to 900 square foot mountain Chalet close to or right at the ski hill. I am in the early days of my thinking on this of course. It will have an architectural flair without the architectural price tag. It will feature a birch clad interior, a white aluminum-skin exterior, and accents to match SeaDrop, It will feature the latest in off-grid technology; thermal insolation, solar/wind power, on-demand hot water, propane heating, waste incineration, as well as automated water capture and filtration. I favor buying a serviced lot...I just wont be using their services.

There are several reliable eco-space contractors in Quebec, like the Constellation Espaces Innovant in Lachute, who promote flat-pack prefabs, to chose from.  My 24 foot wide by 28 foot long rendering (672 square feet) fits my CHALEX Concept perfectly. My design incorporates a neat stairway leading up to a mezzanine sleeping area over the full bathroom. A Sky light adds head room and floods the mezzanine and the kitchen! The addition of the square footage of the mezzanine and the front balcony give the CHALEX about 875 square feet of living space.

My CHALEX-SPA Concept: Instead of a second bedroom for guests I have designed-in an open studio area where I can harbor  SeaDrop towards the back and work on my art projects towards the front. The access into the CHALEX is through a door in the overhead-opening, 7ft. wide, 8ft. tall, upward sliding door. 

When I have guest over they will overnight on the mezzanine, under the stars, whereas SeaDrop will serve as my dorm...closed off with the sliding doors. CHALEX-SPA will have a 10 foot ceiling at the front and 12 foot ceiling at the back. The skylight adds 2.5 ft of height on the mezzanine. There is plenty of room to roll out the mobile massage table and the wood fired hot tub will be front and center on the balcony...hence the SPA notation.

CHALEX-SPA floor plan

I will do some research via the internet to learn more about what it takes to get a small slice of mountain on or near the ski slopes. I had considered the Upper Laurentiens but the lake area just north of Quebec City would be considerably less expensive. Setting up in the Stoneham ski area for example would leave me with an easy 30 minute commute to the city to continue my work as a outdoor product advisor or to visit Quebec City with SeaDrop during the festivals. There is a great RV parking spot at the marina, a street over from where I live currently. 

Map of possilbe Chalex sites.

Something a bit more Overcoaster would be to set up in Charlevoix with the Massif as the ski center and Baie Saint Paul as the cultural hub.

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