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Overcoaster Title

4S-GEAR ...gear I can count on and that enhances my outdoor experience!

I look for solutions to my needs. I am not drawn in with Overlander product hype! I need shelter, I need to preserve food and carry potable water. I need power. I need fuel. I need to wash myself and my dishes and dispose of waste. And, I need to take into consideration that I am one person on a six-week expedition...the bulk of which will be off-grid. My Simple-Smart-Sustainable-Satisfying formula helps me with my gear choices..





A Dutch outodoor kitchen

Plumbed in water and propane and multiple slider kitchens are  convenient, but they are not simple. I am wary of anything with parts that would be difficult to replace en route.

I love solutions that show some real smarts in product design or manufacturing 

I am mindful of the health of our planet and favor sustainable solutions.

A Pha ha que teardrop side tent,
An Ignic 5 pound ppropne tank.
A Boxio composting toilet.

How can you enjoy the sunset in an uncomfortable chair or enjoy your morning coffee after a miserable nights sleep

A Solo Ranger fire pit

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